Summer Institutes and Professional Developments Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

Since graduating from my doctoral program in December 2014, I have had the privilege of participating in several courses.

In April 2015, I completed the requirements for a course Empowering Women in Technology Start-Ups (ewits). The course, which was organized by University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing, UF Tech Connect and the Florida Innovation Hub, allowed us to work together in groups to simulate the process of commercializing a new technology patented by the university.

By July 2015, I earned a certificate of completion for participating in the 2015 Summer Institute for Educators by the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. The program grouped educators according to the level of students taught to find ways to incorporate social and emotional learning to one’s curriculum.

In June and July 2016, I participated in the Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute. Here, I got to learn about issues and methods of studying media policy globally. The two-week seminar took place at the University of Oxford. This turned out to be a convenient location since it was a short train ride away from the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Middle East Center, where I am a visiting fellow until August 2016.

2016 Publications Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

Alkazemi, M. F., Alnashmi, E., & Wanta, W. (Forthcoming). Mass Communications Students’ Motivations: The Case of Kuwait. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.

De Maio, M., Alkazemi, M.F., & Wanta, W. (2016). An examination of the Roman Catholic Church’s agenda-setting function in Argentina. Journal of Media and Religion, 15(1), 15-28.

Media and Food Regulation in Kuwait. Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

In the summer of 2016, I have been honored to serve as a visiting fellow at the Middle East Center at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  To see my blog entry about this topic, please click here.

Research Internationally Friday, Jan 24 2014 

Research Internationally

After presenting our research in the World Journalism Education Congress in Belgium, Dr. Wayne Wanta and I visited Spanish researchers in the city of Murcia. Some of these scholars have visited the University of Florida as Fulbright scholars.

Recent Research Friday, Jan 24 2014 

Articles accepted in peer-reviewed journals:

Alkazemi, M. F.  & Wanta, W. (In-press).  Kuwaiti political cartoons during the Arab spring: Agenda setting and self-censorship.  Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism

Latest conference papers:

Alkazemi, M.F. & Wanta, W. (2014, Feb. 18). Examining the Context in Agenda Setting:
President Obama and the Muslim Religion.  Accepted to the Sunbelt conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis.  St. Petersburg, Fla.

 Bayramzadeh, S. & Alkazemi, M. F. (2013, Oct. 25-26). The Influence of Environmental Design on Use of Communication Technologies in Nursing Stations.  Accepted to Interior Design Educators Council South Regional Conference.  Atlanta, Ga.

Graduate Research Award 2013 Friday, Jan 24 2014 

Graduate Research Award 2013

Dr. Wayne Wanta and I after the being a recipient of the 2013 College of Journalism & Communications award for graduate student research.

Academic Research Friday, Dec 30 2011 

Conference Papers:

Bakry, A. & Alkazemi, M. (2013). Media-Induced Social Cohesion after the Egyptian Uprising. Accepted to Bucharest’s National School of Political and Administrative Studies’ “Media and the Public Sphere”. Athens, GA.

Alkazemi, M. F. (2013). Exploring the cultivation effect of Muslim Americans Online. Submitted to Bucharest’s National School of Political and Administrative Studies’ “Media and the Public Sphere”. Athens, GA.

Alkazemi, M. F. (2013). Silencing Religious Dialogue: Religious Communication Apprehension among Muslims in the United States. Submitted to Association for the Education of Journalism and Mass Communication. Washington, DC.

Alkazemi, M. F., Al Nashmi, E., & Wanta, W. (2013). Attitudes toward journalism in Kuwait: The Educational Process of Students in an Emerging Democracy. World Journalism Education Congress. Mechelen.

Brian J. Bowe, Mariam Alkazemi and Robin Blom, “Facilitating the Egyptian uprising: A case study of Facebook and Egypt’s April 6th Youth Movement” presented to Mass Communication and Society Division of the Association for the Education of Journalism and Mass Communication annual convention, Chicago, August 2012.


Alkazemi, M. F. (2013). Students’ Spiraling Silence and Willingness to Communicate about Religion. Journal of Religion Media & Digital Culture, 2(1), 1-27.

Alkazemi, Mariam F. (2012). Social Construction of Reality Television: An Analysis of Print Journalism Coverage of All-American Muslim. Middle East Media Educator, 1(2), 31-43. (

Alkazemi, M. F., Bowe, B. J., & Blom, R. (2012). Facilitating the Egyptian uprising: A case study of Facebook and the 6th of April Youth Movement. In N. Azab (Ed.), Cases on Web 2.0 in Developing Countries: Studies on Implementation, Application, and Use (256-282). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

Professional Portfolio Friday, Dec 30 2011 

Welcome to my professional website, where I plan to share some of my thoughts and work.  In 2014, I earned a Ph.D. in mass communication at the University of Florida.

مرحبا  بزيارتكم إلى  ملفي المهني ، حيث أعرض أبحاثي وانجازاتي التعليمية, في نهاية عام 2014 حصلت على درجة الدكتوراه في الاتصال الجماهيري من جامعة فلوريدا