Teaching Experience Friday, Jan 24 2014 

Teaching Experience

In the spring 2014, I am teaching a senior capstone course entitled, “Journalism Studies”. The course is a theoretical course, where we analyze the state of the media industry today through several perspectives: historical, economic, political, international, and others. My students are brilliant and many intend on enrolling in graduate programs after graduation.

This course, which centers around discussion, is very different than the large lecture I taught in the fall 2013 semester. The picture shown is from my classroom in fall 2013, where I taught “Mass Media and You” to more than 200 students, who were mostly in their first year.

Graduate Research Award 2013 Friday, Jan 24 2014 

Graduate Research Award 2013

Dr. Wayne Wanta and I after the being a recipient of the 2013 College of Journalism & Communications award for graduate student research.