Summer Institutes and Professional Developments Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

Since graduating from my doctoral program in December 2014, I have had the privilege of participating in several courses.

In April 2015, I completed the requirements for a course Empowering Women in Technology Start-Ups (ewits). The course, which was organized by University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing, UF Tech Connect and the Florida Innovation Hub, allowed us to work together in groups to simulate the process of commercializing a new technology patented by the university.

By July 2015, I earned a certificate of completion for participating in the 2015 Summer Institute for Educators by the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. The program grouped educators according to the level of students taught to find ways to incorporate social and emotional learning to one’s curriculum.

In June and July 2016, I participated in the Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute. Here, I got to learn about issues and methods of studying media policy globally. The two-week seminar took place at the University of Oxford. This turned out to be a convenient location since it was a short train ride away from the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Middle East Center, where I am a visiting fellow until August 2016.

Candidacy Friday, Jan 24 2014 


As Newton put it, all scholars must ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. I am very proud to be working with Dr. Wayne Wanta (chair), Dr. Spiro Kiousis, Dr. Cory Armstrong and Dr. Patricia Woods (Middle East Studies).
I passed my qualifying exams and defended my proposal on October 1, 2013.

Education Friday, Dec 30 2011 

I am currently a doctoral student in mass communications at the University of Florida. Prior to my doctoral program, I spent two years in Kuwait to improve my Arabic language skills and improve my knowledge of the Arab cultural and sociopolitical climate. At this time, I also collected data for research projects that I knew would be interesting, innovative and contribute to the goal of bridging the cultural divide between the West and the Arab world.
I have two master’s degrees from Michigan State University. While one is in the field of Advertising, another is in the field of Public Relations.

My bachelor’s degree is in Journalism from the George Washington University, located in Washington, DC.

Professional Portfolio Friday, Dec 30 2011 

Welcome to my professional website, where I plan to share some of my thoughts and work.  In 2014, I earned a Ph.D. in mass communication at the University of Florida.

مرحبا  بزيارتكم إلى  ملفي المهني ، حيث أعرض أبحاثي وانجازاتي التعليمية, في نهاية عام 2014 حصلت على درجة الدكتوراه في الاتصال الجماهيري من جامعة فلوريدا