Courses taught:

JOU 3110: Applied Fact-Finding Spring & Summer 2013
A skills course in information gathering, specifically focusing on Florida public records and the use of Microsoft Excel to manipulate and present data.

MMC 4302: World Communication Systems Fall 2011 & 2012, Spring 2012
An international journalism theory course about the operation of the press in various societies offered to juniors and seniors at the University of Florida.

MMC 2604: Mass Media and You Summer 2012, Fall 2013
A large, lecture course introducing the history of mass communication in the United States, and how media influence society.

Prior to my teaching experience at the University of Florida, I had been a Prime Movers intern and a grading teaching assistant (TA). Having been bestowed the honor of being a course instructor during my first semester, I was fortunate to have the benefit of the TA development workshop at the University of Florida. I attended 40 hours worth of lectures in my first semester, and earned two certifications.

I earned a certification, which is in teaching development, after attending 20 hours worth of lectures on the University of Florida’s campus to gain a clearer understanding on planning lectures, building syllabi, testing, grading, leading classroom discussions, and dealing with wider campus issues such as suicide prevention and teaching from copyrighted works.

I earned a second certification, which is in teaching with academic technologies, after attending 20 hours worth of lectures on the effective use classroom technology, such as: Sakai, PowerPoint, Mind Mapping. The lecturers introduced me to several multimedia resources at the university’s libraries. This lecture series taught me that education is increasingly moving out of the classroom and on to the worldwide web, and provided me with ideas on how to engage students in higher-levels of learning at a distance.